Building a healthy community

We Support & Encourage Our Workers Community to Enhance their Potentials, to Play a Vital Role in the Prosperity of the "State of Qatar".

What We Do


— We Find

We are here for the Workers that have recently migrated to Qatar & who need guidance to settle in Qatar.


— We Build Networks

Building network is essential part of living abroad. We build network of people that can help each other in need.


— We Educate

We strive to educate all the members of our expat community about Legislative awareness, Skill development, Career guidance, Health and Safety for the workers.


— We Participate

Our forum tries its best to organize welfare and support activities regularly and on special days e.g. National Sports Day, Pakistan Independence Day, Qatar National day etc.


— We Liaison

We work voluntarily as a liaison between our Embassy and Community regarding counselor services & answer queries 

Our Activities


— Volunteer

We are actively participating in volunteer work, and aim to prepare Pakistani workers to be able to give back to the community as per their skill sets. Our volunteer work includes but is not limited to

  • social awareness
  • volunteering campaigns such as, beach cleaning campaign, blood donation campaigns, legal awareness campaigns, and
  • event based volunteering such as, volunteering for mega events, sporting events, and social events.

— Events

PWWFQ involves Pakistani Expat Community in several social fruitful events, with the purpose of supporting the welfare and wellbeing of the workers in specific and the whole community in general including but not limited to:

  • Initiating literary events, such as book readers club etc
  • Career guiding events for students, making them aware of the job market requirements.
  • Sport events e.g. Cricket tournaments etc.

— Counseling & Trainings

We strive to strengthen the community to make it self-sufficient by providing:

  • Legislative awareness campaign for all community.
  • Health and safety related awareness campaigns for workers.
  • Seminars and workshops for skill development and job seeking for job seekers.
  • Skill enhancement workshops and events for job seekers

Our volunteer team is led by passionate and enthusiast volunteers, who are well connected with the volunteering community in Qatar.